• 2022, Vol.11 Video Bomba Club, Russia

  • 2022, 2th Persian Independent Experimental Short Film Festival, Experimental Video Art Section, Iran

  • 2022, <Possible or if possible>, 2th Altered Images, Showcase Section, UK

가능한 혹은 가능하다면 (Possible or if possible)

6:15 min | 2021 | HD (16:9) | col | sound

Sound : Dongyong Kim


표정들은 자주 한끗의 차이로 붕괴되고, 그곳엔 시선만이 남는다.

나는 10명의 포트레이트를 초당 960 프레임으로 촬영한 뒤, 다시 약 4만 2천장의 개별 이미지로 추출하여 재 편집하였다.

The facial expressions disintegrate in a similar way. The fragments come together again and become a new facial expression. Only the look remains.


The facial expression often represents the lie or moves away from the truth. (Just as a laugh does not represent only happiness and crying does not represent only sadness) In this process, I tried to create a new facial expression by arbitrarily arranging the beginning and end of the expressions.


I shot the facial expressions (joy / sadness / sullenness / depression) of 10 people at 960fps. Then it was extracted with about 42,000 frames

and I processed 42,000 frames again.