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Wasting, Sinking, Dazzling, Floating

11:36 min | 2023 | super 16mm | col & bw | sound

I am now located in the time and space between dreams and reality. Perhaps I fell asleep or almost fell asleep at some point. But still I blink and stare at something or am stared at by something. Between the noise, the leaking light, and my perceptions, I am wasting, sinking, dazzling and floating.

Camera: Chanmin Kim

Camera assistant, Light: Elena Ubrig, Eunji Kim, Eva Swiatkowski, Joel Hessel, Marie Tragousti, Mina Amiri, Nils Kammerloch

Editor: Chanmin Kim

Sound design: Chanmin Kim

Color grading: Fabiana Cardalda

Sound mix: Ralf Schipke

Production management: Solveig Klaßen

KHM supervisor: Prof. Franke, Solveig Klaßen

  • aCinema Summer Program, USA, 2024

  • 8th Festival ECRÃ, Brazil, 2024

  • 1st Éphémère London Experimental Film, UK, 2024

  • 23th International Image Festival, Colombia, 2024

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