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Hier und Dort (short ver.)

4:56 min | 2022 | HD (16:9) | col & bw | sound

Since I arrived here in Germany from Korea, I always find myself in the unlearning situation. While I encounter completely different cultures, languages, situations, I have had to throw away a lot of what I have already learned and at the same time take away a lot of what I need to learn anew. I am already a learned person, but at the same time an unlearned person here.


  • 2022, 22th Festival Européen du Court Métrage de Nice Un Festival C’est Trop Court!, Experimental Competition Section, France

  • 2023, 3rd Fisura International Festival of Experimental Film & Video, Mexico

  • 2023, 2nd Video Arts Projects with Video Art Miden, Greece

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